Laura Deitz

Investor Relations Principal

Laura Deitz currently serves as an Investor Relations Principal for Northgate. In this role, Ms. Deitz utilizes her global experience of LP servicing to strengthen relationships with existing and prospective Northgate investors. Ms. Deitz plays a leading role in managing Northgate’s investor outreach and communications program and coordinating fundraising for specific Northgate investment programs. Ms. Deitz has been providing active support to Northgate since July of 2016 in her role as Business Director for The Capital Partnership group of companies (“TCP”).

Ms. Deitz spent several years working for Deloitte Consulting in London where her primary clients were Tier 1 investment banks and asset management institutions.  Ms. Deitz spent 2 years working for The Royal Bank of Scotland in the Regulatory Change team. In this role, Ms. Deitz worked across the Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office, and Regulatory functions to ensure compliance with EU directives.

Recently, Ms. Deitz served as the Business Director for TCP in the TCP offices in Dubai. In this role, Ms. Deitz was responsible for cultivating TCP’s relationships with institutional and family office investors and creating new relationships and opportunities for the firm.  

Ms. Deitz has an M.B.A. from Kansas State University and an M.A. in European Union and Development Studies from the University of Leeds.