If ‘who you know’ is key to your success, it’s possible that knowing us is enough. Our relationships have provided access to insightful legendary innovators and entrepreneurs. Our global network of industry leaders and seasoned experts can help calibrate an idea for success across all borders and within specialized markets.

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We have organized our practices for institutional strength and agility. We believe this enables us to decide, act, and react smartly yet efficiently — in a way that would be challenging for many. Northgate enjoys consistent insight into deals, with early access and positioning. Investors enjoy institutional diligence and stability — with speed and reflexivity.


We combine our experience, insights, and keen interest in seeing what others haven’t as yet seen. Moreover, we’ve developed proprietary tools that allow us to identify, analyze, and assess innovations and the optimal point of investing in ways that allow us to be compelling value-add partners.


As a true partner to help technology companies think through every step in their growth trajectory, we listen before we advise. Our experience enables us to help navigate the ups, downs, potholes, and sudden turns that come with building a business or launching a new technology. Our history reveals an aptitude for resolving the inevitable conflicts — objectively, successfully, and amicably. Best of all, we’re friendly people and quite easy to work with.

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