• Status: Active
  • Sector: Business Support Services
  • Technology: Data Management Services
  • VC Partner Firm: Sequoia Capital

Altiscale has developed a purpose-built, petabyte-scale infrastructure that delivers Apache Hadoop-as-a-cloud service. The offering is designed to free users from the complexities of deploying, managing, and scaling a big data platform. The company’s custom infrastructure works with Apache Hive, Pig, and Ozzie, and supports the Python, R, and Ruby programming languages. Altiscale also monitors jobs and can help with fine tuning Hadoop code to optimize performance. According to Altiscale, their optimized solution is faster, more reliable, easier to use, and more flexible than alternatives. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Altiscale was founded in 2012 by former Yahoo, Google, and LinkedIn engineers who have run some of the largest Hadoop clusters in the world.


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