• Status: Active
  • Sector: Systems / Semiconductors
  • Technology: IT Infrastructure / Storage
  • VC Partner Firm: Mohr Davidow Ventures

Panasas has created a parallel storage system, pioneering a storage technology that aims to eliminate redundant communication pathways and optimizes speed of archived data retrieval for complex computations. Parallel storage is critical to life sciences, energy exploration, financial services, aerospace and department of defense applications. By eliminating the storage I/O bottleneck, the company’s NAS product aims to eliminate time and cost for various processes such as genomic analysis for drug discovery, the utilization of seismic algorithms for natural resource drilling, the wind and propulsion simulations in aerospace, and the animation applications for feature film production. The company’s technology offers reduced cost and time to completion for mission critical applications. Founded in 1999, Panasas is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.


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