• Status: Active
  • Sector: Communications and Networking
  • Technology: IT Operations Analytics
  • VC Partner Firm: Redpoint Ventures

Incident.MOOG is a next generation approach to event management driven by real-time machine learning to detect anomalies across your production stack of applications, infrastructure and monitoring tools. This gives Dev and Ops teams a single pane of glass and unique operational insight, so they can detect issues in seconds, troubleshoot in minutes, and give business users a superior level of service. A family of integration adapters and APIs allows Incident.MOOG to rapidly ingest events from a wide variety of existing applications, infrastructure, and tools. An eco-system of integration partners allows Incident.MOOG to act as a Manager of Managers (MoM) and provide a complete view of an entire product stack in days rather than months. Moogsoft was founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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