• Status: Inactive
  • Sector: Communications and Networking
  • Technology: Cloud-Enabled Mobile Networking
  • VC Partner Firm: NEA; Sequoia Capital

Luminate Wireless enables highly flexible mobile networks with web-scale computing and cloud-enabled networking to simplify mobile network access and services delivery for enterprise customers. The Luminate Mobile Cloud Controller is a high-performance distributed system that virtualizes mobile network elements, making it easy for service providers to add capacity and services. Luminate’s Enterprise Access Point is a new generation of services-ready LTE access points that is cloud activated for rapid deployment by enterprises. This cloud activated service significantly reduces deployment time by automating device provisioning and firmware upgrades. Luminate’s patented approach to software-defined networks aims to increase mobile network capacity, and creates new services revenue opportunities for mobile operators and business partners. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Cupertino, California.


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